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For deployment you need to have access to `` as user `proserver`.
Thus, your public key has to be provided. Please inform one of the already registered users
or ask if you need access.
Login as user `proserver` to allow agent forwarding. Login as user `vagrant` and sudo to `proserver` won't work!
Run `vagrant ssh-config` to find the private key path of user `vagrant`. The result will look somehow like this:
/Users/<USER>/projects/ > vagrant ssh-config
Host default
User vagrant
Port 2222
UserKnownHostsFile /dev/null
StrictHostKeyChecking no
PasswordAuthentication no
IdentityFile /Users/<USER>/.vagrant.d/insecure_private_key
IdentitiesOnly yes
LogLevel FATAL
ForwardAgent yes
Line `IdentityFile` is what you need. A more sophisticated way to get the path would be:
vagrant ssh-config | grep IdentityFile | awk '{print $2}'
Then run
ssh -A -i /Users/<USER>/.vagrant.d/insecure_private_key proserver@
and go to
cd /var/www/t3o
Finally it's surf, which will deploy the application to ``:
php surf.phar deploy production
Go to your project directory and run `fab initialize_proserver_box`. It
1. downloads a generic proServer vagrant box from and boots it.
2. puts the public key of box user `vagrant` to box user `proserver`.
3. injects the project from your host's workspace into the box.
4. runs composer to initialize the project.
The `composer` run will be interrupted and ask you for `username` and `password` of
your `` account to download `t3o/t3olayout`.
[] out: - Installing typo3/cms (8.6.0) Downloading: 100%
[] out: - Installing symfony/process (v3.2.4) Downloading: 100%
[] out: - Installing helhum/typo3-console (4.2.0) Downloading: 100%
[] out: - Installing t3o/t3olayout (dev-template 45671db) Authentication required (
[] out: Username:
[] out: Password:
Enter valid credentials and the installation will continue.
5. downloads and imports the `t3o` database from ``.
6. restarts `php-fpm`
7. downloads the initialized project from the box to your hosts's workspace.
Prepare your PhpStorm for continuous deployment of your code changes into the box.
We prefer deployment, due to massive performance issues with NFS mounts.
1. Enter the _Settings_ menu.
2. Search _Deployment_
3. Add a deployment configuration by klicking the plus icon.
4. Name it `t3o`, for example.
Connection configuration
![PhpStorm deployment connection][connection]
* If you don't know the path to vagrant's private key file run `vagrant ssh-config | grep IdentityFile | awk '{print $2}'`.
* Make sure to the _Test SFTP connection_.
Mapping configuration
![PhpStorm deployment mappings][mappings]
Options configuration
![PhpStorm deployment options][options]
* Make sure to activate _Upload external changes_, so file changes induced by `grunt` will be recognized as well.
[connection]: "PhpStorm deployment connection"
[mappings]: "PhpStorm deployment mappings"
[options]: "PhpStorm deployment options"
* [VirtualBox](
* [Vagrant](
* [Python 2.7](
* [fabric](
The box is tested with
* VirtualBox 4.3.40 and 4.3.30
* Vagrant 1.8.5 and 1.6.3
* Python 2.7
* Fabric 1.11.1 with Paramiko 1.16.0
but should work with current versions. Please [let us know](, if any problems occur.
Use your system specific package management system like `brew` on MacOS or `apt-get` on Linux
to install the respective packages. `fabric` can also be installed via python's `pip`:
sudo pip install fabric
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