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......@@ -18,6 +18,8 @@ box for development. Thus, for the moment:
The box as a breakable toy
![juggling schorsch][juggling_schorsch]
As a general concept consider the box as a breakable toy. Feel free do destroy the box at any time, but keep in mind
that anything _inside_ the box will be lost.
......@@ -34,3 +36,7 @@ Sections
* [Installation](documentation/
* [Deployment](documentation/
* [PhpStorm](documentation/phpstorm/
* [Workflow](documentation/
[juggling_schorsch]: juggling_schorsch.png "Juggling Schorsch"
[throwing_schorsch]: throwing_schorsch.png "Throwing Schorsch"
Go to your project directory and run `fab initialize_proserver_box`. It
1. downloads a generic proServer vagrant box from and boots it.
* Run `composer` inside the box, since the relevant dependencies and environment is probably not provided by your host system.
The composer extension update workflow
Using the sync workflow instead of NFS-mounting is a little bit odd when it comes to updating composer based extensions.
Imagine you have updated extension `vendor/foobar`, which as it's own repository. What you should do to register this update in
the main project is:
1. Commit and push your changes of `vendor/foobar`, of course.
2. Run `composer update vendor/foobar` in the main project inside the box.
3. Download the updated `composer.lock` from the box to your host.
4. Commit and push `composer.lock` in the main project.
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